Saturday, August 25, 2012

Complete MSL Curiosity Descent - Full Quality Enhanced 1080p + Heat Shield impact - YouTube

Complete MSL Curiosity Descent - Full Quality Enhanced 1080p + Heat Shield impact - YouTube:

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Well within one minute this full resolution video from NASA amazes me once again! Watch the great human foothold!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Landing of Curiosity: Relive the video if you have missed!

Go ahead and watch the video of rover curiosity landing on Mars posted by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab at Caltech. It is an amazing moment and should not miss such an event marking stepping of mankind on Mars!

Monday, August 6, 2012

From Star Wars to science fact: Tatooine-like planet discovered

Although cold and gaseous rather than a desert world, the newfound planet Kepler-16b is still the closest astronomers have come to discovering Luke Skywalker's home world of Tatooine. Like Tatooine, Kepler-16b enjoys a double sunset as it circles a pair of stars approximately 200 light-years from Earth. It's not thought to harbor life, but its discovery demonstrates the diversity of planets in our galaxy.

Mars Curiosity Opens Eyes and Sees This: Big Pics : Discovery News

In my last post in smile I had the news of the launch of curiosity. Now the time has come at last when curiosity is on its homeland!

Here is from Discovery News:

 "Aug 6, 2012 -- Curiosity found its new home on Mars early Monday, settling down beside a giant mound of layered rock inside an ancient crater at 1:32 a.m. EDT. The rover opened its eyes and took these photos of its surroundings, the first-ever images of this part of the planet.

Curiosity will prowl the crater for two years, as well as an unusual, three-mile-high mound of what appears to be sediments rising from the crater’s floor. The purpose of the $2.5 billion, two-year mission is to look for habitats where life could have taken root."