Monday, August 6, 2012

Mars Curiosity Opens Eyes and Sees This: Big Pics : Discovery News

In my last post in smile I had the news of the launch of curiosity. Now the time has come at last when curiosity is on its homeland!

Here is from Discovery News:

 "Aug 6, 2012 -- Curiosity found its new home on Mars early Monday, settling down beside a giant mound of layered rock inside an ancient crater at 1:32 a.m. EDT. The rover opened its eyes and took these photos of its surroundings, the first-ever images of this part of the planet.

Curiosity will prowl the crater for two years, as well as an unusual, three-mile-high mound of what appears to be sediments rising from the crater’s floor. The purpose of the $2.5 billion, two-year mission is to look for habitats where life could have taken root."

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