Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life-like Dental Training Robots to help Dental Students to Learn!

Remember how it is to go to a dental teaching institute and become a guinea pig to dental students with all their anxiety of trying to experiment their theory knowledge on us? Well it could sometimes be disastrous combination of shaking hands, confusion and apprehension. 

Japan's Showa University for the first time has invented in collaboration with Orient Industry a life-like dental training robot that is capable of  mimicking human's gagging reflex, coughing, blinking, sneezing, head shaking and snapping the mouth shut like a real life human. The robot's face is made of silicone which gives a real-life effect. It also is capable of moving its tongue. The speech recognition has enabled the robot to respond to certain instructions. The robot has a name: Showa Hanako-2. And whats more, it can also store and analyse each student's performance and provide feedback through a computer link! 

Surely, this will help dental students to learn and trained better with a simulation of real life situation. 

Watch this video to witness the superb simulation this 'Showa Hanako 2' provides to a student.

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